Sunday, May 01, 2016

Cold to the Bone!

It has been very cold here this past week and we weather it much better in the house than the motorhome but it is still not good. Yesterday we went to an auction. It is in a big old building that is not heated. Once we became thoroughly cooled we came home. My only purchase of the day was an ironing board I acquired for a dollar. It wasn't even on the auction. I have been looking for one and there it stood right by the door so I asked the auctioneer about it and he sold it to me and even asked me how many I wanted. Apparently they are not a hot item at auctions. If you start looking on Pinterest you will want an ironing board too.
These folks are better acclimated than I am.
They do not appear cold at all.
So we came home and heated up some leftover chili, the perfect meal for the day.

A few days ago when the sun was still shining the neighbor cat came over for a visit. She laid claim to our place and many others over the winter. Her name is Fluffy and she keeps her distance. I do not mind having cats around as they keep the mice away. So meet Fluffy:

 I spent too much time on Pinterest this morning getting inspired for projects. Butch will soon have lots of things to do. If you feel you are in a rut just visit Pinterest and soon you will be flooded with all kinds of ideas for all kinds of projects.

This afternoon we will be going to a birthday party for a new teenager, Devon Hiller. He is a good kid so I think we are all safe for now.

Whether the weather is cold,
Or whether the weather is hot,
We will weather the weather,
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not!

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