Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Message from the Magnolia Park Family

Something wonderful happened at Magnolia Park 5/16/16. Last week there were bikes and 3 wheelers stolen. One of those 3 wheel bikes stolen belonged to Eli who is a disabled Marine Vet and a newer resident. He used his bike on a daily basis.  Monday at Crafts it was discussed to see if we could get enough donations to replace Eli's bike. Several residents contributed on Monday and more gave at Tuesday morning coffee.  Because of everyone's generosity the amount received was enough to purchase the new 3 wheel bike and a chain and padlock. Everyone gathered and the spokesperson presented Eli his new bike. The tears flowed. Eli was so humble and grateful as he thanked the people. Eli asked if he could pray. It was beautiful. It wasn't about him, but for the people of Magnolia Park. This is what a compassionate loving community is all about.

Message sent for Karen Steil via Marie Flood about Eli.Smileycons!

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Kay Voss said...

Wonderful!!!!! We do have a great park; lets continue helping and loving each other!

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