Friday, January 02, 2015

Garage sale weekend

Yup , it is here again. It is amazing how quickly those days go by. The prep time happens on Fridays and then the main sale starts in Allen Hall at 8:00 AM on Saturday morning.
As I was conducting computer class in the little hall I did not make it over for early shopping at 10. So I will be among the shoppers at 8:00 AM tomorrow to see what I can see.
And then I will have to come back home to be here for the propane guy. We have had so much cold weather of late that the propane is something we need to replenish to maintain a level of comfort.
We are all waiting for the sun to reappear. Some patiently and some not so patient. So the card games, pool playing and Netflix movies will keep us busy until we can resume our outdoor fun like shuffleboard, golf and water aerobics.
So stay warm and keep your cool!

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