Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Service at Magnolia

Where is the time going????  Here it is the last Sunday in January and we had 5 Sundays in the first month of the new year....I think we are blessed to be able to start the new year in such a way....It should set the tone for the rest of the year don't you think??

We had another nice crowd today with 77 in attendance to hear the Word of God and to worship together....Pastor taught today continuing on the power of prayer and listening to the teaching of God...The theme was "Listening to what God wants for us" and how we must act....Pastor taught us that when we don't listen to God we usually pay the consequences for just doing what we want, not what God wants for us....We wind up having trials and troubles in our lives until we come back to what God wants for us...This was a great lesson and was much to think about.....Remember to continue to pray for our leaders that they will do good and what's right for all of us....Also pray for any sick that you know of....God Bless All...See you in Church next week....

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