Friday, July 06, 2018

Facebook Hacking

Just a heads up to all Magnolia residents. It would appear that several of you have had your Facebook account compromised in one way or another. I received a Messenger request from someone who I was already friends with on Facebook. I ignored it for a while because Facebook friends can already message back and forth. Yesterday morning in a weak moment I saw it on my phone and accepted it thinking, ok, now this notification will go away. Immediately, my "friend" said Hey Deon, which I thought was a bit unusual. I asked "her" a few questions and the answers were not accurate and then "she" started telling me how she had $50,000 cash delivered to her and how I could ask for some too. Needless to say, I deleted the entire conversation, then I went to Facebook and unfriended her and then I sent her an email telling her what had happened and told her when she got her account straightened out to send me a new friend request. I also suggested she change her profile photo so that I know it's really her as the messenger request used her Facebook profile picture.

Please, everyone who reads this, whether you are a resident of our park or just a casual follower of our blog, guard your Facebook accounts, as well as everything else, with care. Be careful where you click, have a STRONG password and if your account gets compromised, I think Facebook has a help section where you can get it fixed.

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