Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Cards for Anita Nelson

 Anita Nelson has been in the Knapp hospital since Thursday. She fell and broke her right arm between the shoulder and elbow. She will be moving to the Weslaco Nursing & Rehabilitation Center soon. She will be there for approximately 3 weeks.  It would be nice to send her a card. She is so good about sending out cards to other people and I am sure it would really brighten her day. You could send it to the house and Dick could take it to her. He goes every day at 6 AM and stays till she is done with supper, as she can't do much for herself. Then he comes home and gets his own supper. They did walk her for the first time on Monday.
Dicks address is
3707 E Highway 83
Lot 353
Donna, Texas 78537

The Rehab is
Weslaco Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
422 E 18th Street
Weslaco, Texas 78596

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