Monday, March 05, 2018

Ropa Style and Talent Show 2018

Everyone surely remembers that we have some dedicated ropa adventurers in our park. Ropa Usada is Spanish for Used Clothing. There are many warehouses throughout the Rio Grande Valley that clothing gathered in the northern USA find its last landing place before leaving the country. I am not sure about the process from start to finish but we can walk into any one of these warehouses and search through giant mountains of clothing for discarded treasures and pay pennies per pound for them. So our own dedicated searchers find the treasures and puts together a style show in March. It is a big hit. No one wants to go home before the March style show.
The style show and the talent this year was excellent! We all had a very good time.

All of the clothing modeled is from a ropa find.
Kim Hodges

Mary Bruun

Mamie Havelka

George and Jan Panos

Mike J. and George P.


Pat J.

Jan P.

Elaine Misfeldt

Janet Rader

Linda Blees

Jan Brom-Stinchfield

Linda Rogers

Larry E. and Jan P.

Dee Sanford

Leslie Cleaveland

Susan Van Houweling

Linda Blees

Part of the South Texas Whiskey Band-Jay, Dale and Eldon

Duane Ergan and Don Knorr

Chet Johnson

Jan Brom

Mary Pierce

Mike Jordan

George Panos

Pat and Jan

Larry Ergan looking dapper.

Chris Pearce ready for Mardi Gras

Abe Wolfe

Abe Wolfe

Max Pierce

Shirley Benner

 Irma Johnson

Pat Kent

 Gert Trahan

 Dave Bruun
 The Jordan's and the Panos' worked up several features throughout the performance.

Pat and Jan

Insert Butch here : The Women of Ropa gathered 32 hooded sweatshirts for our son who works in an unheated factory in Iowa. Butch modeled some sweatshirts and I became so engrossed in what he was doing that I forgot to get his picture!
Jason says:

"I work at Mid-State Steel in Boone Iowa in an unheated factory.
I wear long underwear and as many as two regular sweatshirts and possibly two hooded sweatshirts.
I am a welder. A big thank you to the ropa ladies of Magnolia Village for stocking me up with 32 hooded sweatshirts. I thank you from the bottom of my warm heart and toasty toes.
Jason Brooker

Roxy Wolfe

Kay Stilson

 A skit with Abe, Larry E., Jay, Dale, and Eldon was wonderfully done!

 Linda and Deral Rogers started us off

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