Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thoughts are turning southward

It is getting to the time of year that Magnolia is on our mind. Make a good song title, don't ya think?  This is the first year I will not need to be there by November 1st but it probably will not be long after that when we arrive. I am guessing by mid-November.
We have been coming to Magnolia for a long time and each season is different but this one is setting out to be very different. The people make up the park and the people make it different. And the losses of the people in our park the last 2 to 3 seasons are putting a whole new complexion on the place. New people will arrive as that always seems to happen too  but comparing the place from now to 5 years ago is startling as all of us "old timers" are well aware.
So different it will be and of that there is no doubt but life is all about change and I for one want to be there to see exactly what it will mean for all of us.
See you in Magnolia...another song title!!

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