Thursday, December 17, 2015

2015 Christmas Parade

Santa either did not smile even once or he smiled all the time without fail!!

Santa and Dorral

Dorothy and Mary

Ray visits with Dorothy and Mary

Gail and Elmer visit with Duane

Lorele waits for Duane

Bob and Dawn

Phyllis, George, Molly and Wampus.

Elaine is all set but where is Spike

Ron and Nancy

Joe and Linda

Santa Peg is checking twice

Anita and Dick

Barb (me) and Peg

Santa (Larry) and Dorral

Dawn and Bob

Ring that Iowa Cowbell, Peg

Dorothy and Mary

Anita and Dick

Bob and Dawn

Santa and Geneva

Santa and Noreen

Santa and Dorral

Santa and Doris

Don, Santa and Marty

Santa and Don

Donn (Nope), Santa and Peg

Pecan Bill and Santa Larry

Santa and Chris

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