Sunday, July 12, 2015

Update from Kay Voss

We arrived home safe and sound around 3:15 PM today!.....lots of hard driving to get here.  I hope the picture comes thru---the reason we hurried to get back home from Texas!  Peas, cukes, green beans and raspberries.   There were more raspberries on the ground (overripe) than in our pans!   So happy we got here for the first picking of the peas;  we were worried about them.

We had a great time in Texas.   Jim and Breanna went fishing, I went to ropa with Linda!  We had a patio sale and a fun time at the 4th of July party!   We met and visited with our new manager;  a very nice lady.  Breanna drove Larry and Linda's golf cart and visited the pool many times.  Breanna played cribbage with Larry and Jim and really enjoyed ganging up on grandpa....lots of giggles about it.  Breanna and Jim also did some trap shooting.  I weeded and weeded. (lots of rain and heat make weeds)  I also weeded for 2 neighbors, but nobody will notice by this fall, I am sure!  Our tiny papaya sprout grew to a good 5 feet tall in just 2 months!  The weather was warm, but that is why AC was invented.  the cotton is blooming, sorghum is being harvested and corn is drying in the fields.    All for now,  Kay

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