Saturday, December 01, 2012


My mother used to say, "The faster I go, the behinder I get!" Actually my mother was quite content to sit on her behinder but then that's another story. The first garage sale of the season took place this weekend. I always accumulate excess stuff. I think we all do and this is where and when I have a cleansing of the motorhome. The event eats up the first half of two days and I always feel like I am a little off kilter when I leave the hall after the big event. I did not have a big amount to get rid of and it is no longer in my possession plus I have a bit more pocket money.
It can be a fun social event and I did meet and greet people I have not seen for a season. That part is always fun. A Mexican couple came by and I can legally call them that because that is how they referred to themselves and asked Bill Stilson what price he had on his pecans. Bill told her, then she shared that she had a pecan tree in her yard and it was loaded this year. She said that pecans usually have a good crop every other year. But, she said, if they do not produce you beat them. Seriously, she said if a pecan tree does not produce you treat it like a bad husband and you beat it. ( Her husband was with her and they were both chuckling about this) Then she said after you have beat it good, you tie red ribbons on the branches so the tree will be ashamed. She said she has seen this work many times and the next year the tree will have many, many pecans. It was a wonderful story and she told it very well.

Here are some candid shots of people at the garage sale. Notice all the smiles! I certainly did.

Herb and Anita are ready to serve cake.

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