Thursday, March 08, 2012

Ropa Style and Talent Show- Part Three and last


Tom and Dee Beadle  do " Ball in the Jack"

Vivi Piche is dressed for a wedding in her ropa wedding dress

Dorral could be an attendee in her outfit

Susan Van Houweling was in such a rush she did not even get hers on!

Wish I had a better picture of this one because this was a really cute outfit for Margaret Schmaltz

Dorothy Wendt looks as though she could be a paid model in her sparkly dress

Marlene Harkin looks dressy too as does
Jan Brom-Stinchfield pictured below

Leslie looks pretty in Blue

Mary Bruun our coordinator and host looks A-OK in her black outfit

These "nuns" in the Sister Act looked so real it zipped me back to my youth and catechism saturdays. Whoa ,what a trip!!

Sister Darlene had quite a time getting her sisters in order

Jackie Dobson

Loved this picture and just had to include it!!

That is it folks. It was quite a night.

For the readers who do not know Ropa Usada in Spanish means  Clothing used. So all of the Ropa finds are recycled clothes the people found in Ropa Usada stores where piles of discarded items can be sorted and claimed, paying for it by the pound, usually 20 to 30 cents a pound.

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