Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunshiny morning

The sun was shining this morning. Sorry to say that has been a rarity of late. But today was a mostly sunshiny day. The end of the month is about to slam into us and the beginning of March people start to get the itch to head north. Especially those fellows who have their heart , souls and feet planted firmly in the soil. (Farmers) They start looking at the crops hereabout peaking through the earth and then the itch begins. Those who succumb to this pull make the trip in a couple of days only to discover spring is not in evidence in the good ol' Midwest. Some learn fast and hold back the next year, others learn slower and inch out a bit later each year and some never learn and March 1st is their leave date no matter what.
 Smileycons!  So decision time is soon upon them. We will miss you but see you next winter. Take care and may all your roads be smooth ones.

Most of us here are too busy to even think about what is happening up north unless the kids call to remind us. As I write this we have the windows open and a nice tropical breeze is blowing across me and my keyboard. And the time is 9:14 PM.  I know, I just had to do it.

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