Sunday, February 05, 2012

Hunkered down

This is the week of the Valley Senior Olympics and I must say this has traditionally been a bad weather week in the valley. Two different years I played for women's golf representing Magnolia Park and neither time was the weather pleasant at all. And Butch plays in it nearly every year which has kept me up on the weather situation. I cannot remember one time where it wasn't cold, windy, wet or all three!! And this days weather is what can typically happen this time of year. Yesterday I cleaned house and the sweat was dripping off my face so I finally gave in and turned on the AC. Last night the cold front came through and the furnace was running by 3:00 AM. So Butch will be playing in the Valley Olympics this week and we hope he and all the other participants can enjoy a good weather week even though it isn't starting out that way.
So today finds most of us holed up in our tiny houses because of the weather and the Super Bowl. Have a good one...

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