Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanks Giving

Tomorrow is the big day. We will be having our thanks giving meal with 150 of our South Texas friends. I plan to tell them and you my thoughts of thanks giving as it is my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving day and Christmas both suffer a similar malady in that they are too often thought of as just another holiday. The family gathers together and eats an enormous amount of food, maybe plays some games, maybe have a few disagreements and then return to their homes and jobs. For a very long time this day has been my favorite holiday because some people do take time to truly reflect on the meaning of the day. Giving thanks from the heart for all we have. Dwelling on what we are blessed with and forgetting what we lack. Some people seem to have difficulty thinking of what they are thankful for. I have difficulty thinking of something I lack! How many times do we say things like, Thank God I was there at just the right time? Isn't it lucky how that turned out?  If we acknowledge those moments for the miracles they are and take just a moment to be sincerely thankful from the bottom of our hearts it is amazing how they multiply and suddenly our days are filled with miracles from morning to night.
So I thank each of you for being our friend and adding so much to our lives and this day of Thanksgiving.

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