Saturday, November 19, 2011

90 Degrees! Really?

Yes, really. 90 degrees. Came south because we were freezing our patooties off. Well no more. I put up with the heat all day and then on the news they announced it would most likely NOT drop below 70 tonight. I told Butch it is time to turn on the AC. He said, "Why? Is it going to be hot again tomorrow?" I said, "Yes, but that isn't why. My ideal night time sleeping temp is 65 and it isn't going to drop that far so let's turn on the air and spend the kids inheritance." He didn't waste a minute getting that done.
We made out first trip to H.E.B. and they still have my vote for the best grocery store in the country. They have done a bit of moving things around but we will get used to those changes in no time. They have shortened their hours we noted. I do believe they were open all night before but they are no longer open past 9:00PM. I will check again to make sure before I state all of the hours. happens!!
Here are pictures I took yesterday on our walk.
The area around the dumpsters has been tidied up. 

Blooms on the Cooklin lot.

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