Thursday, March 31, 2011

Help for a Magnolia Family Member

There is a member of our Magnolia Park family that is in need of our help. Natalia P.  She lost nearly everything in a fire last year.  She purchased #334 from the park and has now found out the floors are all falling through and need replaced.  She has worked all winter trying to make enough money to fix the floors and replace other essential things. Unfortunately she was laid off her job before the end of the season.  She is still looking for work.
What we would like to do is help her out with what we can.  We are taking up a collection.  Anything each of us can do to help would be greatly appreciated. If we all chip in a little it can help a lot.

Donations of any size can be sent to :
Magnolia Park Office
3707 E US Hwy 83
Donna, TX 78537 
Marie Flood
3707 E US HWY 83 #316
Donna, TX 78537

Please put on the envelope "For Natalia"

PS from Barb: My family suffered a fire on Christmas night 1957. I was 14 at the time. Along with all of our possessions my 10 year old brother also lost his life. People were so generous to us it was unbelievable. I think about and am grateful to those people every time I hear of someone losing everything in a fire.

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