Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Magnolia Activities

In case you have forgotten what goes on here... Some of these are not happening yet but will as soon as the person in charge arrives.

8:45 AM Church (Non-Denominational)
1:00 PM Hand & Foot
4:00 PM Bean Bags & Darts
5:30 PM Ice Cream Social (Bring bowls and spoon-50 cents a scoop)
6:00 PM Entertainment $3.00 per person
8:30 AM Exercise
9:00 AM Shuffleboard Scramble
9:30 AM Business Meeting-(1st Monday of the month)members only
9:30 AM Warblers (singing group)
1:00 PM Hobby & Craft
7:00 PM Pitch/Euchre (card Games)
9:30 AM Happy Hour-Coffee and donuts-INFO MEETING (35cents) Bring your cup
11:00 AM Peter Piper Pizza, Weslaco
11:00 AM Golf at Village Executive Course
1:00 PM Jam Session –Entertainers and listeners welcome
7:00 PM 500 card game
8:00 AM Bikers(Bicycles)
8:30 AM Exercise
7:00 PM Whist
7:00 PM Bingo* 50 cents a card
8:00 AM Paint Class
9:00 AM Shuffleboard Scramble
1:30 PM Cribbage
5:00 PM Potluck (Bring own table service and large covered dish, coffee furnished)
8:30 AM Exercise
9:00 AM Computer Class (Little Hall)
9:00 AM Horseshoes
11:00 AM Bible Study
2:00 PM Bridge
1:00 PM Ladies Pool
7:00 PM Pinochle-Euchre
Saturday** -
8:30 AM Breakfast-Bring own table service
Biscuits & Gravy $2.00-Pancakes $2.00
Sausage Patties 50 cents each- Coffee furnished
9:30 AM Shuffleboard Scramble
7:00 PM Bingo* 50 cents a card
Plus many Special events- Watch the bulletin board in Allen Hall and listen for
announcements on Tuesday mornings at Happy Hour.
Magnolia Senior Citizens Association Membership fee is $2.00 per person. Association
membership is required to participate in activities run by the association and fees go towards
paying for coffee and other kitchen supplies.
Pool Players are asked for a $ 5.00 donation each and the fee goes towards pool supplies and
upkeep of tables.
*Bingo is for park members and overnight guests only,Badge required
coffee/cookies served at intermission.
**Garage/Craft Sale –1st Saturday of every month, BBQ Lunch available for purchase (No Breakfast served on Garage Sale Saturdays)

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