Saturday, February 06, 2016

Busy week coming up

A few reasons why: Senior Olympic week. We host pinochle on Wednesday in Allen Hall. And our other participants will be leaving the park for other parks that are hosting various events. Check for pictures later this week. I know at our house 3 days are tied up with events. Watching 8-ball pool at Magic Valley on Monday. Playing cribbage on Tuesday and Golf is on Thursday. I know it is just as busy in other households. By the rules, only two events can be played by each individual.

Tuesday is Jam Day and they also serve lunch. $5.00 I checked with the cook and crew for the Jam lunch menu and it is Pork Loin, potatoes and gravy, corn and applesauce. This is a popular menu so don't tarry.
 Serving begins at 11:30 AM. Smileycons!

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