Sunday, April 06, 2014

Jim shot his pig!!

Jim and I went pig hunting last night!  What an interesting evening....we followed the landowner on a rough trail and thru 3 locked gates to get there.  (7 PM) We sat in a burlap blind until dark.  The landowner put out corn to tempt the pigs and turned on a green light.  We waited and waited, while listening to noisy bullfrogs in the creek behind us.  All of a sudden several hogs popped out of the brush in front of us.  1 well placed shot and the pig dropped where he stood!  It was a nice young hog, so we expect good eating......I called the landowner and he came back and he and Jim skinned and cut up the pig--we were on our way home by 1030 PM.   We had gone to this place on Thursday night and stayed until 11 PM....we saw hogs but did not shoot.  It was really interesting out there---lots of weird noises.  Bullfrogs are very vocal---various animals drinking in the creek behind us.  I was glad that I was not alone out there!  Kay

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