Monday, April 28, 2014

From Jim and Kay Voss

Hello to all--

We finally got on the road towards Minnesota this morning!  Sure glad I started packing a few weeks is always a big job as most of you know.  Jim already remembered that he left a pair of shoes, but if that is all it is ok.  We come up on an accident about 10 minutes from the Park--- traffic was a near standstill.  FYI the corn is about ready to tassel and we are now 100 miles north of the park and we have wheat fields that look ripe!  Temps were 80 when we were leaving, yesterday was 107 according to the TV.  Time to go to Mn and get cooled off!  Kay and Jim

From Barb: Getting cooled off will not be much of a problem. High will be 44 tomorrow and that is in the southern state of Iowa!

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