Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dorral's Facebook clips

  • Dorral Kramer Guzman 
    Hi an update on our new four legged friends in the park. One captured as of now. Tell Butch I ran into Don Loring a couple times, Oh and we had birds in the pool hall, they made a mess hope we got them all out? Sandy and I got one more out this morning. We had 15 for baked potatoes and chili on thursday nite. Am enjoying the quiet time for soon it will be busy around here. I now have a nickname after all these years. Just call me the cactus kid when you get here you"ll understand. Everyone here is fine as far as I know. You can share any of thus if you like. All is well with my life also.
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  • Dorral Kramer Guzman 
    Hi just sitting here watching qualifying. All is well last thursday I made chili and baked potatoes for 15 of us. Had it in the little hall. Was fun. We captured one of the foxes. There were birds in the pool hall. Sandy and I got
     one more out this morning , Tony was trying to plug up the holes they made to get in. My cute Mexican man is getting to be awesome, enjoying himself and doing more things like going to pool, helped with the chili deal went out to eat with a bunch of us. Well enough on that subject. Sandy had to put her cat asleep last night, it was 13 years old. Bye, Oh I have a nickname now and it's not b*^%#----the catcus kid... could be worse. You'll see why when you get here.

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