Saturday, April 07, 2012

From Al & May Gehman

 Left Magnolia Park March 29 & arrived home @ 5 p.m. April 2nd.  Good weather & good roads all the way.  We had an hour wait at the US/Canada border as many others who seek a warmer climate for the winter months were also returning home.  Kept in touch with the Park Blog news on the way home and were shocked to hear about our neighbor, Eddie Culpepper & will certainly miss him, along with others.  Some snow still in our yard at home but as long as it stays off the sidewalks & roads we can handle it.  Lots of people out for their last holiday weekend of skiing.  We are back to our busy life in our community, Al's coffee sessions with friends, driving bus for Nursing Home patient outings & community involved meetings for both of us.  Happy Easter to ALL & we look forward to returning to Magnolia Park in 2013.  Cheers! May & Al Gehman    

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