Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hurricane Alex

Donna Gabbert is a friend of mine who lives in Rio Valley Estates. I saw that she was online this morning so asked her about the hurricane. Our conversation follows:
 Donna Gabbert (Bodogabby) is available 6:25 am
MrsBrooker 6:27 am
(6:27:15 AM):     So are you going to ride it out or are you going to head north?
Donna Gabbert 6:28 am
(6:28:11 AM):     hi
    its just started raining hard and we already got a motel at best western

(6:28:24 AM):     but we can't get in until 4 p.m.
MrsBrooker 6:28 am
(6:28:41 AM):     You know we are all thinking about you.
Donna Gabbert 6:29 am
(6:29:24 AM):     lots of folks got rooms now \and its really not necessary but I feel a little better about it

(6:30:10 AM):     too late now I paid for the room...but several neighbors are going to the same motel so we will have a hurricane party , I guess
MrsBrooker 6:30 am
(6:30:25 AM):     We will all be anxiously waiting for news after it is over. So stay as safe as possible

(6:31:02 AM):     When is the worst supposed to get there?
Donna Gabbert 6:31 am
(6:31:27 AM):     oh yes, flooding will be the  thing I think, hope we can make it thru to the motel this afternon, really late today and into tomarrow morning I think
MrsBrooker 6:32 am
(6:32:17 AM):     Thanks for the info...Your blog will get lots of action when this is over.
Donna Gabbert 6:32 am
(6:32:43 AM):     oh ya, I hope not anything to severe to report
MrsBrooker 6:32 am
(6:32:48 AM):     Be sure to take your camera
Donna Gabbert 6:33 am
(6:33:02 AM):     I got it packed and my laptop with

(6:34:01 AM):     I only hope the electric stays on..during Dolly we lost everything from freezer and frig...
MrsBrooker 6:34 am
(6:34:59 AM):     That does seem to be the big question. You will have to have a giant barbecue and open up the border!
Donna Gabbert 6:35 am
(6:35:53 AM):     I guess i will go watch the news...ya  I have some of that gulf shrimp in the freezer,, daaang i dont want to lose that!
MrsBrooker 6:36 am
(6:36:53 AM):     Don't lose the shrimp!! It is worth a million these days! I will let u go but know that we are praying for you all
Donna Gabbert 6:37 am
(6:37:08 AM): to ya later

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