Saturday, April 10, 2010


From Marty Harper:

  immediate home for one unruly cat.
1.  broken ceramic lamb
2. antique jug
3. flower pot
and many sleepless nights due to playfulness.
she hides everything that she can pick up  and put into her
mouth. jewelry, lip ice , pencils .etc.
she is into everything. my roll top desk. Every small hole
there is to hide in or explore. Heaven forbid you should
leave a drawer open.
  She even sits on the wire shelf ( it has to be
uncomfortable) I have next to me in my computer room.  And
watches me.
She absolutely terrorizes my sons cat when she comes to
visit. Endless snarling and hissing and running through
the house . Pour Ava tries to find the highest spot there
is to hide and still can't get away from her.
And of course there are the dogs to terrorize. If they
aren't after her she lays in wait for them.  WAITS , heck
she attacks them. Her hair stands up on her back , her
tails as big as a coons and she's on her toes. Attack
  She is an instigator.
Any takers? I need some rest.
I hope you all are having a good spring. Not a dull moment

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