Monday, February 16, 2009

Don Soole

Don Soole, pictured here with his wife Marge, is in a fight for his life and not doing well. A month ago he was busy doing the things he does so well, cooking for us, presiding over meetings, taking care of all the things the President of the Magnolia Seniors Association takes care of and doing it very, very, well. Then he caught a cold or a sinus condition or whatever it might have been that started it off and he didn't get better. After waiting perhaps too long he went to the doctor but by then he was in dire straits. Pneumonia they said and put him in the hospital after a wait for a bed. His condition declined from there and he is now in ICU. His family has gathered.
He is very much in my thoughts and prayers and I am sure he is in yours too. Let's all pray for him and his family very, very hard.

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