Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Birthday News From Up NORTH

Hi Sorry about not putting something on the Blog for a while but we have been on Vacation UP NORTH for a couple of weeks.. Visiting the kids and grand kids, also had a 50th year reunion of my class mates.. Had a great trip except for the gas prices.. HA HA I received an E-mail from Leslie Cleaveland and I will share it with you..

Hi How's everything In Texas? I wondered if you would put a little blurb in the Magnolia News that we are having a "90th " birthday celebration for Berwyn and Erma on Sunday, June 22nd here in Oakland.. I know they would be pleased to hear from all their Magnolia friends....Their address is 705 Park Lane, Oakland, Ia. 51560.. We are having lots of rain here.. Everything is so green and growing.. There are some big farmers who don't have all their crops in yet... It's getting kind of serious and more rain in the forecast.. Hope all is well there.... Leslie

I think it would be kind of nice to surprise Berwyn and Erma with a lot of cards and or letters... They are such great people... We didn't get to see them while we were up in that area and I know I am going to catch heck for it, but we were on the go all the time it seems like.... I will try and put some more on the blog as I get it....Keep safe and healthy everyone.....

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