Wednesday, April 02, 2008


It is oh so quiet in the park. Not many of us left. I do like the lack of activity after the always hectic season. It is a nice change of pace. Breathing room.
There have been many many changes in the park. Most of the changes involve exchanging and selling of mobile units. There are two more older units leaving the park. One new mobile coming in on Pecos street. There are several parks in the valley that have closed and those people are looking for places to put there mobiles. Perhaps we can get those places filled up this summer. I have often been surprised by someone coming to stay here and then deciding to buy something in the park. It happens all the time. I attribute it to the people who are here. They are an amiable bunch. Also we are located in one of the best spots in the valley. The road directly east of the park is named Mid-Valley and that says it all.
Change is an ongoing thing and who knows that better than the person who puts the park directory together. Good thing I do not stress over it!!

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