Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Senior Olympics -part 2

The Senior Olympics Pinochle event was held  today in Magnolia Park, Donna Texas. Myron Van Houweling and Leroy Misfeldt took first place in pinochle.

Dave and Don participated in Bean Bags.

The cribbage players L-R Larry, Butch, Jan and Elaine. The cribbage event was a non-event. Long sad story and due to some errors on the part of the hosts the date was changed without notifying 3 parks. And we were one of the 3. Story isn't over yet.

Joe, Connie, Blanche and Leo participate in Darts.

Char and Carol came in 2nd in the women's pool portion of the Olympic competition.

Chris Sjoblom and Don Louks came in 4th for the men in pool. (picture not available yet. 

There will be a Senior Olympics-part 3 because all of the events have not taken place yet. Stay tuned.

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