Sunday, December 13, 2015

Jim and Deon's Travels

Greetings from Texarkana. We are stuck here due to the bad weather we've encountered. Our original plan was to arrive in Donna tomorrow but it is looking more and more as though that is not going to happen. We are in Sunrise RV park which is very unusual for us as we are usually Walmart campers but at least we have power and water here. Got in around 5:00 PM yesterday and have only paid for one day so far. We thought we would wait till about noon to see what the weather does. Right now it is pouring rain although the wind has now shifted to the north and has calmed down a little from earlier this morning. It was around 70 earlier but now is about 55 (I think).

We left home Wednesday but spent some time with our St. Louis son and left there yesterday morning. Had decent travel weather all day yesterday but the forecasts were ominous for last evening and today so that's why we hunkered down.  I stupidly put the camera where I can't get to it with the slides in but yesterday, several times we saw literally thousands and thousands of geese, some white, some white and black, and some darker ones. They were either flying just above the fields, or on the ground feeding. I did take pictures with the phone but I suspect they will not be very good.

If not tomorrow, we hope to see you all Tuesday.

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