Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving in Allen Hall

Yesterday we celebrated Thanks Giving in Allen hall with over 90 members of the magnolia family in attendance. The food is always abundant and 2015 was no exception.
One of the more eye-popping side dishes was Mary Knorr's turkey pictured below. It looks to me like she worked on it longer than if it had been the kind roasted in the oven. Spectacular!

Our weather has been excessively humid. Much more than I remember but maybe that is just me. The Rio Grande Valley has had an abundance of rain all of 2015. In reality, the native plants here are not used to all that moisture so some of them look bedraggled while others look very lush. I am sure our northern readers are not concerned about their plants this time of year!
So on this day of Thanks Giving we had our air conditioning on and were thankful for it.

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