Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Let the season begin!

I think every season has its own life and this is another one that so far defies description. The moving and shifting of houses and people is only one aspect of the changes. We have one person who isn't coming this season due to surgery, another delayed by a surgery, one by a son with a serious illness. I think we do have the usual amount for the time of year. That seems to only vary a little from year to year.

The jam sessions start next week, bingo is on hold till we find someone to fill in. The pool hall has a few players every night at 6. Only 3 golfers so far. I think we will all adjust and that is what we are best at.
There is plenty of walking and talking going on . We must stay in motion or we will freeze in one spot.

Our old habits of running down to Nuevo Progreso for margaritas and nachos has been affected by the drug cartels. The absence of people is obvious. Garcias was one of the more upscale places to eat and it is closed with no plans to reopen with the reason being not enough customers. I am sure there have been other businesses closing or reducing hours and employees.  January and February are the busiest months so we will see if things pick up then but right now it is pretty darn quiet on the streets of Progreso.

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