Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Tax increase

The following letter was posted on Rio Valley Estates Blog. I am posting it because the info may be useful to Magnolia Park mobile owners also.
From Rio Valley Estates:
Posted: 05 May 2014 07:19 PM PDT

I have been gathering data on fair market value of Mobile Homes in Rio Valley Estates as you know.

After talking to the Appraisal District and other I would like to make the following recommendation.

We all use a Tax Consultant from McAllen who has been used in the past by a owner in Rio Valley Estates successfully. The firm is Wilkins and Co. Mr Wilkins will only represent Mobile Home Owner as a group where they are in one location. Because of the time remaining he request one person head up our group and provide him with the name and address of each person requesting him as their agent. His fee is 40% of the tax savings he can provide. Ex. If your tax for 2013 was 400 and the 2014 tax is 800. If he gets the tax reduced to 600 you would owe him $80.00. If he doesn't save you anything you don't owe anything. Once he has the name he will prepare all the forms required with data filled out and send them to each person at there home mailing address. He said he would not represent anyone who has filed a protest already, although if you have filed the protest he can provide a form to withdraw your protest and file a new one in the group. He stated that it was much easier to have all the protest together to allow him to use the same data to get the fair market value reduced.  

I will act as the one who forwards all the names of Mobile owners who would like to pursue this approach. Any amount he gets the tax reduced will be for more than one year unless the tax district tries again next year, and with his 40% and our tax for the year we will be out the same money this year and less next year.

I will not be paid anything as a referral fee, I will just act as a go between.
If you would like to join in this group please contact me by email by next Monday May 12 in order to get the names to Mr Wilkins.

If you know anyone who does not read this blog, please contact them to pass this information along.

John Norris
Lot 171

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