Monday, May 05, 2014

Fairy Tale endings

I copied and pasted these picture into this post. I previewed it and it seemed okay but sometimes when I do it this way it does not work. Also if you rely on email to read the posts it may not work well and in that case you may want to try going to and see what it looks like from there. If none of these things work, let me know and I will take it off. It is cute though.

Cinderella is divorced.

 Snow-white has not been so lucky

Little-Red-Riding-Hood hasn�t seen the Wolf since

Sleeping Beauty is still asleep

The Little Mermaid has met a sad fate   

 Barbie celebrated her 50th Birthday, this year
Little Tweety is 60 years old
So is Superman

Wonder Woman is menopausal

As for Batman and Robin they�re living it up at the Nursing Home

And Spider-Man is attached to different threads



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