Tuesday, April 15, 2014

South Texas Farming

Kay Voss sent me these pictures before we left the valley but I was knee deep in getting ready to leave so didn't do anything with them. But I do know there are many farmers among you and farmers are always interested in farming practices in other parts of the country so I saved the pictures to share with you all.
                                1. tractor ready to till around onions to help them dry
2.onions after

                                  3.corn  (or milo?) with last season's cabbage coming up
                                4. old fashioned burlap sacks holding onions to dry for a few days
                              5-8 harvesting the onions:  4 men required....semi, tractor, and 1 to
pick up sacks, 1 to empty sacks
                                9-16  harvesting kale.  All hand work.  They were very fast!  Rip off leaves, roll and wrap with tape, cut off ends and toss in a pile on

                                17-18  onions in boxes to be loaded on semi

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