Friday, March 21, 2014

Secure your southern home

I visited with Jackie Dobson about what she does to secure their mobile home. They are on the back road where many break-ins have occurred over the summer. Their place was left untouched.
What they do is basically make their place look lived in with motion lights, solar lights, radios and timers set to different times for things to go off and on. They do not put reflective stuff in their windows but they do close the blinds so they can see out but no one can see inside. They place lawn chairs they do not care if they lose on their patio as well as a decorative windmill. They put a radio on a timer in their storage shed. They feel the $9.00 a month this costs them is worth it.
Also the gates were entered in the back by the burglars taking loose the hinge pin side and swinging it back making the locked gate useless. By putting one hinge pin up and one hinge pin down they are then unable to loosen and move it. That alone would be very helpful.
Bottom line- make it look lived in as much as you possibly can.
Thanks, Jackie for these very useful tips.

In talking to my son on this issue he said they were told at his workplace that putting alarm stickers on the windows was one of the biggest deterrents. Burglars, if given a choice, will pick an easier target.

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