Monday, March 03, 2014

Ropa style and talent show

The Choraliers

Wayne Bruun

Peggy Gordon

Sandy Williams

Betty Roach

Sue Greening

Marty Harper

A snippet of Eldon Hardekopf in a talent portion of the show.

Similar sweaters

3 Similar sweaters! the two on the outside were identical. L to R Darlene Jansen, Elaine Wingert and Dorothy Wendt

Karen Steil will be the winner of the next ugly Christmas sweater contest! She gets lost in the background decorations.

Jan Brom Stinchfeild

Julia Houzenga

Larry Ergen wears a kilt found at Ropa. Is this a first for you, Larry?

Irma Johnson

Shirley Benner

Erv Hagen-dressed for the 90's in one hemisphere which it was on Sunday and the 30's for another which it is today!

Kay Voss makes many fashion items from her T-shirt finds at Ropa. Her entire outfit cost 40 cents.

Donna Bruun looked very sharp in her ropa outfit but the photographer had a hard time getting her to stand still.
Don Frizzell sang during a talent portion of the show.

Dave Bruun 

Marty Tank wears brightly colored overalls she found at Ropa.

Dorral Guzman
Car races and playing pool reflect Dorral's interests. This outfit is suitable for both.

Chet Johnson

Mary Bruun

Blanche Tschetter

Janet Rader

Margaret Schmaltz

Julia Houzenga

Jan Brom Stinchfield

Dorothy Wendt

Darlene Jansen

Mary Pierce

Marlene Harkin

Janet Rader

Nancy Birtzen models a  Bob Mackie designed dress found at Ropa!

Vern Wendt

Donna Bruun

And last but not least is Max "Maxine" Pierce representing International women's day

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