Friday, March 21, 2014

Getting Squirrely

This picture was taken on one of the first sunny mornings we had enjoyed for a long time.  I would title it, "Squirrels in Sunlight"
Little Bandito!
Speaking of squirrels...Before the
 steak fry Thursday evening, Bill Stilson was in a hurry. He left his pecan sample container on his patio table. He did have the lid on it but failed to put it his storage shed. His neighbor Joe was sitting on his patio and he sees a squirrel with a plastic container in his mouth headed up the tree behind Bill and Kay's place! Halfway up the squirrel dropped it but he came down, retrieved it and headed back up the tree, successfully this time. How he got the lid off no one knows but somehow he did and then enjoyed a feast. The picture above just shows him munching away but in the two below you can plainly see Bill's container and the blue lid.

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