Friday, March 28, 2014

Corral your RV shelves

Many of our fellow RVers have left the park already but I know they check in on us and this is for them.
Hope this posts okay. I am posting this tip because it features a trouble spot for us in the RV. Our doors stay shut but when we open them it can be quite a juggling act. I think this is an excellent solution. Easy to do and inexpensive.

RVing Tip of the Day
Stop flying objects! Corral your RV shelves
by Jim TwamleyA fulltime RVer I met, John Evers, had a real problem with his traveling medicine cabinet. When he'd "drop anchor," he'd find the find the stuff from his fifth wheel medicine cabinet had blasted out.He thought about using an expandable curtain rod, but it wouldn't effectively keep the small bottles in place. Instead he used two thin pieces of wood about four inches wide as "fences" to hold his stuff in place.He uses two pieces because they will easily slide into place, then he secures them with a large binder clip you can get at any office supply store. This is a simple yet effective way to secure the small stuff. Thanks, John, for another great RV idea.
Shutting the door to falling objects —Jim Twamley, Professor of RVing

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