Friday, February 21, 2014

Restaurant Review of El Dorado in Alamo/Weslaco

The El Dorado in Alamo used to be our favorite restaurant and we visited it frequently and were  never disappointed. It is a bit of a jaunt over to Alamo so when we heard that they would also have a restaurant in Weslaco we thought that was a very good option and would save us some miles. So for the past couple of years we have tried to like the Weslaco El Dorado and have given them many opportunities  to please us. And to be honest there have been times when they have. It seemed on many occasions there was a language barrier. One of my favorite things to order is Chicken Taco salad but I want the chicken to be fajita chicken. I gave up on that request at the Weslaco El Dorado because they would nod their head reassuringly and bring me a taco salad but it was never like the one I would get in Alamo. So tonight I suggested to Butch that we revisit our favorite El Dorado in Alamo and we felt like we had gone home! It was just as good as ever and we received exactly what we ordered in the way we expected it to be. When we want  an El Dorado dining experience we will make the trip to Alamo without a second thought.

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