Friday, January 24, 2014

Steak Fry- First of the season

Dick and Leslie once again chaired a very successful steak fry. They put a lot of thought, planning and work into the event and I am sure it is a long day. Dick was set up to take tickets at the door and he was facing the door. He had his phone to his ear. Leslies phone rang in the kitchen and she said,"Hello". Dick said, "Where are you?" She poked her head around the corner and said ,"Right here!". They had lost track of each other on this busy day. One of those funny moments to add a bit of a chuckle to a long day.
"Lettuce" pray...that we have enough and not too much.

I went up to take pictures- not of the event especially but to get peoples pictures for the directory. Tonight was supposed to be the last chance but I still have a few people on my radar if I can catch them. Don and Sally Louks comes to mind and I am hoping they see this post and oblige me.

Another bit of excitement for the day was a semitruck that became Highcentered on the railroad track ...with a train coming. This has happened before but not with a train coming. They did get the train stopped. Butch facetiously calls it the FLYER.
 I posted the picture extra large so you can better see the truck and the train. Law enforcement was also present but not visible in this shot.

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