Monday, April 15, 2013

From Pat Hahn

Pat says:
"For all  the older folks that's been here awhile:  Lois  Terryn who was my Dearest friend,  Is in the hospital  She's been taken off all life support & given  Morphine. As of what her Daughter States. She is not expected to last much  Longer, Our prayers  Go out to her  to make that  Wonderful Journey. I know all the card players will think of her.  I know I  will.   On to Better thoughts.  All of you  who might  not know  Clay & I  will be making our own adventure . starting up tomorrow.We're heading up to Des Moines IA .  To Help Clay's Son in Opening up a High End Consignment & Liquidation Center in the South Ridge Mall. So if anybody is Close by Drop By and see  us."

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