Monday, December 03, 2012

Fox, Parrots and other business

We have two grey fox in the park. There may be more. Sandy told me that 4 have been captured but these two remaining ones seem to be very adept at avoiding capture. They have been seen in trees which I doubted. So I googled 'will fox climb trees' and it seems they will. That is, grey fox will climb trees but it seems red fox will not...unless they have been in an area where there are grey fox and then the grey fox will teach the red fox and both colors will climb trees. They did say that the trees have to be fairly easy ones to climb because their claws are not designed for climbing. Doubt this whole business? Google it yourself and see what info you find about it. And let me know. I will share it.

Our old friends the parrots have been landing in the park. I happened to get a couple of pictures. These are wild parrots.It is really funny when the mocking birds pick up on the parrot squawks. The parrots fly at least in twos but sometimes a whole flock. Even when it is a whole flock they seem to pair off. Very interesting birds.

Business meeting today. It was a lively one but you will have to come to the January meeting and hear the minutes to be up to speed on all the discussion.

We have had quite a few new arrivals in the past two days. It's a relief to see them. We were beginning to wonder what kind of weird year it would be. We are not out of the woods yet. But it is getting better.

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