Friday, November 09, 2012


Folks are trickling into the park now and soon it will be full and bustling with both people and activities.

The pool heater isn't working. It seems a part was ordered but when it arrived it was not the correct part. That has the "Pool Rats"...I say that with kindness...a bit worked up. They get all out of sorts when the pool is not up and running.
The changes in the park are just too numerous to mention. The numbers that have changed residence...bought, sold, arrived and left etc. cannot possibly be kept up with. I am thinking this will be a banner year for changes. Folks who left a few years ago would hardly know anyone here now.
Change happens whether we notice it or like it or not. It just is.
The park looks great. Everything is neat as a pin. It sits like a shiny jewel in sunny South Texas waiting to be your favorite winter location.
So we are here waiting for you to hurry on down!

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