Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'all

Here we are in sunny South Texas in Magnolia Park enjoying this wonderful Thanksgiving day.
I heard from Karl and Carol Kapke yesterday. They are usually here by now but health issues are keeping them in Wisconsin for a while. Karl is undergoing tests and will most likely be having surgery soon and once he is healed enough to travel they will be enjoying Magnolia Park once again.  They are being kept in our thoughts and prayers.

I looked out at my neighbors paper delivery and WOW that is one hefty paper delivery. It may take a truck to get it into the house and all day to read it. That is if you really want to read all those Black Friday ads.

Allen Hall is all opened up and the business of getting our meal prepared by Dorral and her crew is in progress. I will get a few pictures of the process a bit later.

So check in later today...

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