Monday, November 05, 2012

First Business Meeting of the season

I was asked this morning when our $2 dues are indeed due and how long are they good. It is a seasonal membership. So your $2 dues are good for the entire 2012/2013 season. It was a light crowd this morning but a few things were discussed, voted on and passed. One was the purchase of a new freezer for the kitchen. The current one is in constant need of defrosting. It was approved to purchase one and I do believe it has already been done. The old one we wish to discard has already been purchased by an association member.
The second item discussed, voted on and passed is in regard to the monthly garage sales. Those who want to have their sales in front of their home in the park ,of course, are able to do so but if they wish to have an association table they will need to pay the same $2 table fee that members pay in Allen hall. They have also opened it up to outside vendors in Allen Hall but they will pay a $5 table fee with in-park people being first in line for a table. We will rely on word of mouth for outside vendors to know about the change.
The meeting went very smoothly with perhaps too much time spent in discussion but that seems to be a chronic condition.
I meant to remind members to S.C.A.N. any proposed motions.
S.- Support -Is there support for your proposal?
C.-Cost- What is the approximate cost of your proposal?
A.-Action- What action will be necessary to implement your proposal?
N.- Is it a need or a want? Not that it would change the vote but it could clarify the discussion and perhaps shorten the process if you made it clear between want and need.
This process is designed to clear up fuzzy issues so that all understand what is being voted on.

Park trivia: How did Allen Hall get its name? Hurricane Allen wiped out the meeting hall so when it was rebuilt it was named Allen Hall.
Hurry on down. We miss you'all!!

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