Friday, July 06, 2012

From Lulu

 Hello y'all,
Lulu and I want to thank your park for being such great hosts to us and allowing us to share our entertainment with you. A special thanks to Dottie and Tony who made it possible. After all, they took our word that we knew what we were doing without ever seeing us perform. We are happy that you liked the show and that you enjoyed yourself. We hope to return to this area some time in the future. But, for now, we must continue on our journey. Please follow us on our journey on our blog at and of course on our music web iste at Please sign up on our email list or on our blog and you will get automatic updates, whenever we add something new, or when we have an anouncement. Especially when we decide to return to the RGV.
  Thanks again. Enjoy your park. It is an awesome place.
Live, laugh and Love each other....
Lulu and AL
Lulu Entertainment

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