Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Our Magnolia Family returns home

Three of our Magnolia family members have sent word of their safe arrival at their homes.
Hi, just a quick note to let you know we made it home.  We met up with our son from Austin, TX, and he came home with us for a few days to see everyone.  Mom was out of the hospital by the time we got home, but she's having a few problems, nothing serious but enough to keep me on the go.  So sorry to hear the sad news about our Texas Family.  Everyone drive safely.  Dorothy

Thanks so much for the pictures of my quilt.  I have shoiwn them all
over the place.  The general consensus was "Judy, we didn't think you
could do stuff like this!"  Oh how little they know.
We arrived home safely on Wednesday afternoon.  Tom did very well with
his driving but we have slept a lot after we got the truck and trailer
unpacked.  Our kids are thankful we are back in town where they can
phone and check on us regularly.
So very sorry to hear about Eddie passing.  Poor Doris will really
miss him, they were like Tom and I, joined at the hip.
Please pass on our safe trip to the rest of the park for us.  Thanks
again  Judy Hunt , Canadian at large.

Well had good trip, the strong wind in south all three days.So took advantage of it.
Dale said best gas mi ever.  Got to Lincoln to see Zachary at 3:30 went out to eat with him,vary hot 93 temp
got to Omaha 6:00 pm Mon, got up this morning to cold weather!!! looks like will stay cold. 57   high and 39 low
Its OK will get used to it.
Dale and Norma

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