Sunday, April 22, 2012

News about Don Louks

Darlene called to tell me that Don and Sally Louks stopped in Indianapolis to visit with kids and Don ended up admitted to the hospital. Don had not felt well throughout the winter months and he has now found out he has a couple of heart blockages and needs a pacemaker. So it seems their trip home will be held up until he gets patched up. The doctors assure him he will feel better than he has felt for quite some time. So Don's pool playing skills will be back to top-notch next season.  We wish him the very best and will be anxious to see the new and improved Don Louks next season.
Darlene also told me that they are continuing to have storms in the valley with hail and tornados basically in the same areas. McAllen and Raymondville. It seems that Magnolia Park is in a little pocket of tranquillity. We are ever so grateful for that.

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