Monday, April 16, 2012

History of Little Hall Microwaves

There have been 4...count them,4...microwaves stolen from the little hall over the past 3 years but this last one is a story in itself. After having 3 stolen we were on a quest for a solution to this problem. The first 2 were stolen in the summer months when there were not many people around but the 3rd one disappeared on Super Bowl Sunday sometime in the afternoon as near as we can tell.
 It was decided to place the new microwave on a cart and store it in a different location only bringing it out for use when needed. But then the bright idea surfaced to put a non-functioning microwave on the shelf where the others had been located to see if it disappeared. After all they would not check it to see if it functioned before stealing it. This was announced at a Tuesday morning coffee so people would not expect the "Microwave on the Shelf" to actually function. We thought this may also provide a clue as to whether it was an inside job or not.
Butch and I are on the road but yesterday I received a phone call from Peggy and she told me the   "Microwave on the Shelf" had indeed been stolen! That sure did not take long! So our newly purchased microwave is so far safe in its new location. So if you have a non-functioning microwave you would like to be rid of we can place it in the little hall on the shelf and in short order it will be gone. Poof! It's Magic!! Now I wonder how long this method of disposing of old microwaves will work. Stay tuned for further microwaving adventures...

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